How will you confirm that your EU citizen employees have the right to work in the UK post Brexit?

The UK government has recently clarified its position regarding Right to Work Checks for EU nationals post Brexit. It has been confirmed that the existing rules will continue to remain in place after March 2019.  Despite some of the current debate, in practice this means that physical ID checks will be required for EU nationals starting work with a new employer post Brexit.

This is an opportunity to review current systems and processes around Right to Work checks, considering whether these will remain fit for purpose. The potential penalty for getting these checks wrong can be up to £20,000, plus considerable reputational damage. Increased flexibility in working patterns and changes such as more off-site workers means many businesses need to consider how they are approaching Right to Work checks, and preparing to make these as robust as possible for the future.  Trying to manage this process, ensure compliance and give a seamless employee experience demands a fresh approach. Manual processes increase the administrative burden on staff and risk error or non-compliance. To tackle this, we've seen a move towards more sophisticated solutions to help ensure compliance and drive efficiency.

By leveraging technology to support with Right to Work checks, businesses can better balance the need for compliance with staff experience and productivity. At PwC, we've created a Right to Work mobile app, designed to overcome some of the common issues and ensure compliant right to work checks are conducted, reportable and filed appropriately.

With the increasing complexity and importance of ‘Right to Work’ checks,  technology such as PwC’s Right to Work app alleviates some of the burden whilst ensuring immediate compliance with the UK’s immigration regime.


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