Worked 9 til’ 5… or did you?

12 June 2018

From 6 April 2019 any employers with employees who are paid according to their ‘time worked’ will be required to detail the number of hours to which the employee’s pay relates on their pay slip. This is with a view to giving greater transparency to employees of their hours and pay, meaning that they will have more information to raise concerns about pay inaccuracies including National Minimum Wage (NMW) complaints.

The regulations themselves are only a few lines long, which has left a lot of employers with a host of questions such as:

  • Who does this apply to, is it just employees or ‘workers’ as well?
  • What exactly does ‘time worked’ cover?
  • Does this include salaried employees?
  • What hours should be regarded as working hours for this purpose?
  • How are we going to capture the time worked?
  • What changes will be required to our payroll and will our payroll provider assist with this?
  • What are the consequences of getting it wrong?

These are just a handful of the questions that we are discussing with employers. There is a recognition in Government that further guidance needs to be provided to employers on what this will mean. As a result we have the opportunity to submit questions/observations to Government about these new regulations and to meet with them to discuss these to ensure the guidance takes into account key issues and addresses questions on the practical implications of the new regulations.

As such, if either you or anyone else at your company has any questions, concerns or implementation issues due to the change in regulation please email them to [email protected], and we will incorporate as many as possible within our discussions.



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