Why Pride matters to me

21 June 2018

I’m thrilled that PwC are sponsoring Pride in London again this year to empower our people and demonstrate our firm’s commitment to LGBT+ inclusion. 2018 marks the sixth year PwC has taken part in Pride in London and our second year as sponsors of the event.

In line with this year’s Pride Matters theme, we will showcase what Pride means to our people. This week, we launched a social media campaign that profiles our people and the different reasons they participate in Pride - we also launched the campaign internally around our offices to bring to life why Pride is significant and still topical.

For me, Pride has two significant meanings. Firstly the celebration of our wonderful LGBT+ community and being able to stand up, stand out and stand together. It is utterly imperative that everyone sees our unique and fantastic culture and that is is embraced and acknowledged. Secondly, and in relation to that, it is also about recognising the strides we have taken to gain more LGBT+ equality and everyone who has marched before us to fight for those rights.

We are lucky to live in a more forward-thinking society - but there is still more to be done. Whether it’s tackling homophobic bullying in schools; the challenges our community faces in different countries around the world; or to be united with our friends in the trans community to ensure their voice is heard. Pride gives us a chance to raise those continuing issues.

In terms of business, there are many LGBT+ employees in organisations who still feel closeted. This hinders not only the careers of LGBT+ professionals, but also means that organisations are missing out on talented people. All of us need to create inclusive environments where LGBT+ talent can feel safe, free to be their true selves, and fully participate in the workplace.

[email protected] - our LGBT+ people network - is at the very heart of LGBT+ business issues and drives change internally and externally to support the wider community. As well as sponsoring Pride, we host a variety of events and activities throughout the year, including panel events exploring pressing issues, collaborating with other diversity networks at PwC and enabling our people to volunteer for LGBT+ charities.

We are hosting a special event to celebrate our sponsorship of Pride in London, highlighting research we have been doing with Out Leadership to release a report on LGBT+ talent and their experiences in the workplace, titled “Out to Succeed”. The event, “Succeeding with Pride” is taking place at Brigade on Friday 6th July. To register interest, sign up here.

This year, as well as marching at Pride in London, our people will be participating in parades at Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol and Leeds. Pride is a space where our people can come together to celebrate all we do as a network and celebrate Pride and its personal meanings to them. I know that I’ll be celebrating the reasons why Pride matters to me.

Brian Ashmead-Siers

Brian Ashmead-Siers | Global Mobility Tax Partner and Lead [email protected] Partner Sponsor
Profile | Email | + 44 (0) 121 265 5802


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