The Future of Work - Our roundtable at the FT's UK Business Conference

By Rob McCargow

The FT Business Conference is widely known as one of the biggest industry events. On 24 May 2018 in Manchester, we're excited to be bringing together over 200 of the most influential business and public sector leaders to discuss and share our insights on all the hot topics that are impacting businesses, including; data & analytics, digital transformation, cyber security and emerging technologies such as AI, IoT and virtual reality.

Our experienced PwC team, made up of John Harding, Emma Robertson and myself, will be hosting around 25 C-Suite executives to take part in a roundtable discussion based on the 'Future of Work'. Following our recent report on the four worlds of work in 2030, Emma will be leading the conversation about each of these ‘worlds’, and how businesses should be strategically planning for the future. I'll be sharing insights on how organisations can harness the opportunities that AI presents to solve important problems, whilst ensuring the technology is responsibly harnessed in a way that builds trust, protects people, and avoids unintended consequences.

Take a look at John Harding’s recent blog previewing the Future of Work roundtable, which promises to be an exciting discussion for organisations that are thinking about tomorrow and the future.