People Reporting is every bit as important as the other disclosures

Insights from PwC’s Building Public Trust in Corporate Reporting Awards 2017: People
Reporting in the FTSE 100

In contrast to more heavily-regulated areas such as tax or executive remuneration, reporting on people remains an area where companies have a fair amount of discretion in what they choose to report and how.

But despite this lower level of regulation, people reporting is every bit as important as the other disclosures, and is scrutinised increasingly closely by a growing range of stakeholders. This is partly because the wide latitude allowed in people reporting means it’s an area where a company’s culture, values and leadership tone come across especially clearly.

We’ve fine-tuned the assessment criteria for the award this year by increasing the emphasis on companies’ reporting on their societal contribution and impacts. This perspective has helped us sharpen our focus on three themes in particular.

The first is clear linkage to the economic context, including Brexit. The second is whether the reporting demonstrates “fairness” in managing people – an attribute that can significantly influence a business’s reputation. The third is a focus on fostering diversity & inclusion, especially given the imminent introduction of mandatory reporting on the gender pay gap.

The companies nominated for this year’s award have all risen to these challenges, each excelling in different ways. To find out more about what the leaders in people reporting are doing right, please click through and read the judges’ comments.

And if you’d like feedback on how your organisation scored in this year’s assessment of people reporting, please get in touch by sending an email to [email protected]

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