Avoid the sugar rush: 3 ways to build your employee experience

By Philip Smith

Employee engagement has been one of the biggest trends in managing human resources over recent years, but true engagement seems to remain elusive with many organisations seemingly unable to drive long-term benefit from their efforts.

This might be because many employee engagement initiatives have been short-term in nature, the exercise equivalent of a quick sugar rush rather than building long-term fitness.

The sugar rush needed by an athlete on one day seldom influences team success so long-term performance comes from careful planning, access to data and above all communication. In the world of work, crafting a sustainable employee experience delivers long term benefits for both employee and employer.

Let’s take a closer look…  

1) Think beyond simple employee engagement initiatives

Leave the quick fixes behind, and think more deeply about how organisational design can help meet your employees’ needs and wants. You can do this by moving beyond simple employee engagement initiatives to considering culture, technology and the physical environment. Focus on this broader employee experience area pays dividends, with greater employee satisfaction, productivity, and financial performance and lower turnover being the most obvious benefits.

2) A single platform can help shape the employee journey

As organisations move HR technology to the cloud, re-engineer their HR function, and place greater emphasis on employee self-service, an increasing focus is placed on simplifying how individuals access the tools and systems needed to do their jobs.

Employee access to self-service HR, reward, recognition and benefits is increasingly made through a single platform that brings multiple employee facing systems together in a single place.  The power of a single platform for the organisation lies in its ability to help shape the employee journey from on-boarding through an employee’s career. The ability to access powerful data segmentation and analytics tools allows creation of a highly personalised employee experience and the targeting of communications in a way that reflects a contemporary consumer experience.

Technology such as Enhance allows employees to manage their wellbeing and access their reward, benefits, and HR self-service in a single place on any device at any time.

3) Convenience is key to success

Convenience is a key element of the employee experience, and as boundaries between work and home technology continue to blur, over 50% of employees using Enhance now do so on a mobile device.

Flexible working, greater mobility and the rise of bringing your own device to work has changed the way in which employees use technology in their daily routine. Putting technology tools in employees’ hands enables them to shape their work environment driving greater satisfaction and productivity. Using a carefully considered approach to technology as part of building the employee experience can help drive long-term employee value, satisfaction and ultimately improved team performance and financial results for the organisation.

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