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13 January 2020

New year resolutions every HR function should make

As we come into the New Year and decade many of us will be thinking about setting personal resolutions. But it’s also a great time to think about how to revitalise and refresh your HR function.

19 December 2019

Employee Experience - at the heart of your HR Transformation journey

People are an organisation’s biggest asset. A workforce that is therefore disengaged or insufficiently skilled will always impede growth and performance. And so employee experience must be at the heart of any successful business.

11 November 2019

Coming out and getting back on track

By Jonathan Howe Trans Awareness Week is an opportunity to learn about gender identity and to help promote understanding and support for the trans, non-binary and gender fluid communities in the workplace. Below we hear from Sev and his parents, including PwC Partner, Jonathan Howe. Sev Coming out hasn’t elevated...

01 November 2019

The future of HR: “Reports of the death of the HRBP are greatly exaggerated”

By Chris Murray and Harriet Newlyn As highlighted in our recent New world. New skills report, we all know that the world of work is changing: radically and quickly. New technologies, organisational structures, and changes to how people work are all dramatically reshaping the mandate for HR. So much so,...

25 September 2019

Appraisals, hidden disabilities and me

By Michelle McKenna This time last year, work goals and objectives were being set; it was time to take my career to the next level after returning from a year’s maternity leave. It was a good opportunity to set goals around what I wanted to achieve at work in the...

01 August 2019

How do you make tough decisions in a time of disruption and skills upheaval?

By Brenda Trenowden, Partner I am often asked for my thoughts and advice when friends or colleagues are making major career or life decisions. After we have discussed the various options and implications, my advice is to imagine that they have already taken the decision and to assess how they...

15 July 2019

Preparing for the Workforce of The Future

By Alastair Woods New challenges facing human resources functions as the workforce evolves and adapts Technological breakthroughs are changing the way we work, enabling ever-more collaboration between workers and machines; at the same time demographic shifts mean the workforce is more diverse than ever before; all while we face new...

29 May 2019

Has slow progress on gender pay dented positivity and commitment?

By Luke Hatter and Katy Bennett Has slow progress on gender pay dented positivity and commitment? The vast majority of senior business leaders attending a PwC event on gender pay reporting said the measure has had a positive impact on their business. At the event, to launch the PwC report...

08 April 2019

Gender pay gap: Five tips for reading between the lines this year

By Luke Hatter Last year’s introduction of annual gender pay gap reporting forced every large employer in the UK to share its figures publicly for the first time for everyone to scrutinise and judge. Many of the figures made for uncomfortable reading. They showed that, on average, women get paid...

03 April 2019

Ethnicity pay reporting: Why it’s time, and where to start

By Katy E Bennett Influential business leaders came together at a PwC event in London last week to discuss why it’s time organisations tackle the task of understanding, reporting and addressing their ethnicity pay gap. Whether inspired by an ethical or moral obligation, or just keen to get ahead of...

27 March 2019

Explaining Financial Wellness

By Saq Hussain In this blog we’ll look at the evolution of financial wellness across the US, Ireland and the UK, sharing our experiences of trends we are seeing in each of the markets. Financial Wellness has been a core part of the employer and employee relationship in the US....

17 January 2019

Short term pain, long term gain - Upcoming challenges for HR and Reward functions in Asset & Wealth Management

By Duncan Nicholls Market performance and compensation go hand in hand in the Asset & Wealth Management (AWM) sector. Stagnating markets will bring significant challenges to HR and Reward functions. The asset management sector is no stranger to change and transformation. At our recent Asset Management HR Network event, we...

11 January 2019

Ethnicity pay gap reporting - how will the market respond?

By Katy Bennett and Shalah Akhtar On 11 October 2018, the Government published a series of papers and statements on supporting ethnic minorities in the workplace. Central to this was the launch of a consultation on ethnicity pay reporting, which explored a number of potential approaches to require organisations to...

Social enterprises are making great strides in reporting on their positive impacts

Insights from PwC’s Building Public Trust Award 2018 for Impact in Social Enterprise, by Laura Hinton, PwC Chief People Officer and Executive Board member

07 January 2019

UK Government threatens to ‘name and shame’ companies falling foul of Modern Slavery Act

By Polly Miles and Chris Cartmell The Home Office has recently issued letters to approximately 17,000 companies who they have determined are obligated entities under the the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the Act). Obligated entities are required to publish a modern slavery statement outlining the steps they have already...

27 December 2018

Workforce Fairness reporting in the FTSE 350: Key observations from the Building Public Trust Awards

By Alastair Woods and Jess Garbett One of the big people issues facing businesses in 2018 has been inequality in the workforce. The lightning rod for this has been gender pay, but there are a number of other themes that are challenging employers as they seek to restore trust and...

19 December 2018

The Future of HR: eight technologies that will reshape the HR function

By Chris Murray, Elizabeth Yates and Prasun Shah PwC’s latest Future of Work report tells us that organisations are not doing enough to prepare for the transformation of the world of work and that technology is at the heart of these changes. So how is HR responding? According to the...

17 December 2018

Taking agility from theory to reality - why now?

By Clare Coley and Jack Towers Agility. An agile organisation. A buzzword that is starting to gain popularity in the HR community - but there is limited evidence that agile working practices are becoming the norm. Yes there are examples of “agile scrum masters” for teams, and new flexible working...

20 November 2018

Social mobility reporting in the FTSE 350

By Alastair Woods Social mobility continues to be a key issue in the UK, with a young person’s future far too often being determined by household income and postcode. Along with educators and policy makers, employers have a role in reducing this social divide and it is great that, as...

06 November 2018

How will you confirm that your EU citizen employees have the right to work in the UK post Brexit?

The UK government has recently clarified its position regarding Right to Work Checks for EU nationals post Brexit.