How are driverless technologies disrupting society and business today?

What opportunities do autonomous vehicles present to business?

PwC is sponsoring the Science Museum’s ‘Driverless: who is in control?’ exhibition, which explores how driverless technologies are disrupting society and business today.

Driverless technologies are a growing market. From drones to autonomous vehicles, an increasing number of businesses are wanting to understand these technologies and prepare for the potential impacts on their business.

Autonomous vehicles should save lives, reduce congestion and improve mobility, therefore improving the quality of life for many sections of our society. According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), autonomous vehicles could prevent 25,000 accidents per year in the UK. Technology optimists are hopeful that driverless technologies and rapid urbanisation will open up huge opportunities for connected cities of the future.

However, the main challenges are not with the technology, but with the implementation of how the infrastructure can deal with it. These include creating the right policies, regulations, working with local governments and keeping the ethical considerations in mind to be able to fully maximise on the benefits of autonomous vehicles.

Hear from Sheetal Vyas, who considers the disruption opportunities and challenges which autonomous vehicles present to society.

The Science Museum’s ‘Driverless: who is in control’ exhibition has been extended until 5th January 2021.

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