Are drones over-hyped or innovation that’s here to stay?

by Joanne Murray UK Drones Assurance lead, PwC United Kingdom

From submarines in the depths of the ocean to drones flying high above, autonomous vehicles are one of the most talked about emerging technologies. 

We’ve sponsored the Science Museum’s ‘Driverless: who is in control?’ exhibition to encourage a public debate about these technologies. The exhibition explores the use of autonomous vehicles and how they can impact society and behaviours.   

Autonomous vehicles, including drones are a crucial part of the 4th industrial revolution. 

Our Building Trust in Drones research report revealed less than a third (31%) of the UK public feel positive towards drone technology, compared to 56% of businesses. Public and business trust is there to be won, and we believe attitudes towards drones can be addressed through education. 

Drones are already transforming the way businesses are operating and the way public services are being delivered. Find out how drones are being used to tackle challenges in business across a vast array of industries, including transport and logistics, healthcare and the agriculture industry.

Hear from our Drones Assurance Lead, Joanne Murray on how drones are being used in business to help build trust in society and solve important problems. 

The question is, are we ready to have swarms of drones flying in our skies? 

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by Joanne Murray UK Drones Assurance lead, PwC United Kingdom

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