Big Data and the changing role of the business analyst

A few weeks ago, I presented to the International Institute of Business Analysis Nigerian Chapter in Lagos. My session was titled “The Enterprise value of Big Data in Business Analysis – a case study on HR perspectives”.

Nigeria is one of the MINT (Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey) countries and is a green field for data and analytics. The technology platforms are growing in Nigeria and the opportunity to start harnessing data and analytics is now. From a human resources (HR) perspective, data and analytics is already gaining momentum because of the sheer volume of global organisations that have a Nigerian hub and their need to manage the human capital data that is generated.

The session started by describing Big Data –putting an emphasis on the fact there is data everywhere and it is being created at a very fast rate. Then we looked at the impact of technology and cloud computing on data creation.  When I showed a live demo of the world in beta website, the audience was surprised just how much was happening during the time of the meeting.

Then we looked at how Big Data is impacting business analysts. This is considerable – including areas such as:

  • Agility
  • Business process design
  • IT such as cloud computing, shared platforms and ERPS
  • Business Intelligence
  • Faster, smarter and easier decision making

Finally, we reviewed a human resources case study and how Big Data is impacting the role of HR professionals, looking at the impact of unstructured data and how sources like LinkedIn are making the data available to HR professionals.

The key take away points included:

  1. With the right skills, having access to a deep reservoir of Big Data provides an organisation with the opportunity to use ‘big analytics’ which in turn can provide CEOs with ‘big insights’ into their organisations.
  2. Big Data enables HR Directors to deliver – particularly in today’s economic environment – insight which they’ve long been challenged to present and which can demonstrate the return on investment of their people.

The session was covered by Nigeria Communications Week and you can read the full article using this link:  IIBA-Nigeria, PwC Highlight Big Data Changing Business Analysts' Role.

If you would like to discuss these issues, or the impact of emerging technology or data and analytics on your industry, then contact our Data & Analytics team.

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