Are you Talking TaxTech?

There is a growing buzz around tax technology. But the challenge for many groups is understanding what technology is currently available, how that ties into data availability and quality, and how that technology can be used to enhance processes and risk management.

As the tax compliance and reporting burden on tax functions continues to increase, the need to integrate technology into existing processes becomes critical. Our global Tax Function of the Future survey, which over 100 Heads of Tax have already responded to, shows that although companies are aware of the increasing importance of tax technology, only 33% currently have resource dedicated to it, and Excel remains the most widely used tax technology.

The results also show that although the demand for technology skills in tax functions has been on the rise for the past five years, it is still one of the scarcest skills in the market.

Join one of three PwC tax technology events across the country

PwC is hosting three tax technology events for tax and finance leadership in March and April:

  • Birmingham - 21 March
  • Manchester - 27 March
  • London - 24 April

As well as offering our insights on data management and how technology can be applied for tax, we're delighted to provide first hand experience of some of the tax technology solutions on the market both from PwC and third party vendors.

For more details on the events, please click here.

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