Automatic enrolment: technical changes (2017) - consultation from DWP

February 23, 2017


This is a consultation on proposed technical changes intended to simplify the automatic enrolment process and reduce burdens on employers.  Deadline for comments is 3 March 2017.

Technical changes to automatic enrolment: consultation on draft regulations (Feb 2017)

This consultation is seeking views on regulations to make 2 changes to the automatic enrolment process. The changes are for new employers due to become subject to automatic enrolment duties during 2017. They are:a change to the automatic enrolment duties trigger set out in legislation for these new employers (known as post-staging employers) extending to these employers the option to defer automatic enrolment for their workers (currently this is available only to employers in the staging profile).

This consultation is aimed at: employers ,trade unions, employee representatives pension industry professionals, including scheme administrators, payroll administrators, accountants, payroll bureaux, independent financial advisers and employee benefit consultants

Ways to respond

Email to:

automaticenrolment.[email protected]

Write to:

James Newman

Department for Work and Pensions
Automatic Enrolment Policy Team
1st Floor
Caxton House