Just business as usual for EU grant funding

August 04, 2016


You would be forgiven for thinking that UK business and academia are less inclined to apply for EU funding following the EU Referendum outcome on 23 June 2016. But what we have seen is quite the opposite.  PwC hosted two working group meetings in June and July to bring together companies large and small, universities and business organisations such as the CBI.  Those discussions have been overwhelmingly positive and forward looking.

The European Commission has confirmed that UK entities continue to be eligible for funding following the referendum (http://ec.europa.eu/easme/en/news/outcome-referendum-united-kingdom).  Safeguards are also in place to ensure the UK continues to benefit fairly.

Angela Browning, Innovation Incentives Director said “what was remarkable was the energy and passion for collaborative innovation within Europe and the valuable role UK innovators play at the heart of this. Invariably funding will change in the longer term, but that is not deterring companies innovating today.”

Angela Browning

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