Closing the VAT gap in the CEE countries

May 23, 2016


We are organising the second in a series of conferences on "Closing the VAT gap in the CEE countries" on the 23 June 2016. We will bring together public finance officials, leading tax consultants and business representatives of 5 CEE countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia) to find the best ways to tackle the issue of VAT tax evasion through this region. We plan to host this type of conferences in all the countries in the region, sharing best practices and recent success stories in fighting against VAT fraud.

We will start the day with a  panel discussion on closing the VAT gap in CEE countries, representatives from the EU Commission will be joined by lawyers and clients to provide an EU perspective, we will then look at in-country perspectives and will conclude with a client's business perspective.

The event will be an opportunity for you to exchange your views and best practices for enhancing regional cooperation between public finance officials and business within CEE in order to tackle VAT fraud and protect against tax evaders practices. And we hope that you can join us.


To attend this event please contact Carmen Manea by 17 June at [email protected]


Daniel Anghel

PwC CEE Leader Partner,

PwC Romania



Christine O'Malley

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