Budget: Chancellor's Annual Investment Allowance business boost and 'Decentralisation Nation' efforts

For companies across the UK, the prospect of the Annual Investment Allowance falling to £25,000 may have hamstrung investment and damaged the economy. Now the Chancellor has announced a ceiling of £200,000 it will take some of the pressure off small and medium-sized business when planning  investment. This, coupled with the Chancellor's efforts to keep the engine of the Northern Powerhouse firing on all cylinders is a shot in the arm for the UK economy.

We have also seen a sustained push in this Budget to 'share the wealth' by devolving powers and budgets to boost local growth.

Decentralisation is critical to the UK’s economic rebalancing across the regions. Too much centralisation leads to unbalanced growth and creates economic issues of its own. By moving more powers out of Whitehall, it will give the regions the tools to accelerate that process.