Join our live webcast on Diverted Profits Tax - 9 April at 15:00

The UKs Diverted Profits Tax will take effect from 1 April 2015.

This is a new tax levied at 25% and if you have sales to UK customers from foreign companies OR UK companies make payments to low tax entities then this new legislation could apply to you.

To date with only draft legislation available there has been a fair degree of uncertainty as to whether and how this legislation will apply.

The final legislation is due for release as part of the Finance Bill which we expect to see around 25 March.

We will be holding  a live webcast on 9 April at 15:00 where we’ll be looking at this final legislation, the key changes from earlier drafts and how all of this affects your business. You'll also have the opportunity to put your questions to our panel of specialists. Click here to register