The future of tax - our Citizens' Jury debate the key issues

What a privilege to listen to the views of 24 members of the public on the future of the tax system. Momentum is building at our two day Citizens' Jury which will present their views to members of Government later. The jury is looking at the fundamentals: for instance what principles should underpin the tax system? what should the balance be between taxes on income, tax and wealth? should tax be used to changed behaviour? BritainThinks is doing a great job drawing out all the arguments, highlighting the trade offs and tensions in the system, and bringing in a range of experts with different ideological and political perspectives.

Everyone is affected by tax and we want a fresh perspective from people who often don't get a chance to be heard. It's fascinating hearing how the jurors' views are shifting as they consider how different taxes affect different people, considering issues from a collective perspective rather than just a personal one. Also interesting how much agreement there is in the room on certain issues, and the overall interest and engagement in what I know many regard as a dry topic.

We'll be working with BritainThinks to pull together the main discussion themes and outcomes into a report, so watch this space.

This is part of a key campaign looking at how the tax system should change to best suit the needs of the modern and future economy. The debate won't stop here - we'll be speaking to business leaders, running a competition for students, and ultimately developing a paper with our thoughts on potential change.

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