Budget 2014

What can we expect when the Chancellor of the Exchequer stands up to deliver his fifth (and penultimate) Budget of this Parliament on 19 March? 

Since his first (emergency) Budget in June 2010 he's been following a relatively consistent plan so is there anything left to say? Undoubtedly there will be: it's very unlikely that the Chancellor will pass up the opportunity to put his stamp on the economy and make adjustments to the fiscal system to reflect his priorities.  His Budgets have all been relatively balanced to date which mean that any tax cuts or reliefs or incentives or new spending initiatives will need to be matched by tax rises or tightening of the system for certain groups or areas of the economy (for example high value residential property has been a previous favorite for tax rises).

Our blog will be looking in the run up to the Budget at where his attention might fall, and as soon as the Chancellor stands up we'll be blogging and tweeting online reaction, analysis and comment.