Jonathan Grant

Carbon Markets and Climate Policy

Jgrant Jonathan is an Assistant Director within PwC’s Sustainability & Climate Change with fifteen years experience predominantly focused on climate change policy and the carbon markets having first started work on the climate change issue in 1997 in the lead up to the Kyoto Protocol negotiations. Prior to joining PwC he spent ten years in the oil industry. Jonathan was project director for a major initiative to develop the call documentation and evaluation process for the NER300 competition for the European Commission & European Investment Bank. The NER300 initiative is expected to provide €5bn to incentivise investment in low carbon energy projects (CCS and innovative renewables). Jonathan specialises in providing carbon markets valuations, risk and governance advice to a range of corporate clients, including Masdar, investment banks and CantorCO2e. He gave expert input to an internal audit of an oil major’s carbon trading desk and advises PwC’s audit teams for Trading Emissions Plc, Sindicatum and The Carbon Neutral Company.

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