COP21 Draft Agreement - Where does it leave us?

From Paris at the COP21 negotiations, Jonathan Grant, director, PwC sustainability & climate change comments on the draft Agreement in advance of the plenary session:

The draft Agreement appears to settle the contentious issues that governments have struggled with over the last two weeks of the COP. But the Agreement is still a draft - it hasn't been adopted yet. There is constructive ambiguity, or woolly wording, in some areas, but as COP21 President Laurent Fabius said this morning, this allows all countries the ability to take the deal home and declare success. "If adopted, the Agreement should mutually reinforce actions at the national level.

For business, it is good to see the inclusion of emissions trading and references to the role of the private sector in the draft. Business expects to play a major role in delivering the ambition of the Agreement.

PwC analysis on the Agreement will be issued later today. Follow our updates @pwclimateready. For media enquiries, please contact Rowena Mearley in Paris on +1 347 5010931/+44 7952715739 or Lynn Hunter (+44 7841 570487) [email protected]