Freight Transport Association: The Logistics Report 2013

By Mark Thompson, Director, Sustainability and Climate Change

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) represents transport interests in the UK across all modes; road, rail, air & sea. 

We have been involved with the FTA for a number of years now, providing ad-hoc advice, hosting its board meeting in our offices and contributing to its annual Logistics Report.  This year Coolin Desai, our UK Transport & Logistics Leader, asked me to contribute to the discussion we have with FTA Board members at the round-table we host for them after their Board meeting.  I used this time to show "Sustainability Means Re-thinking Business" and to facilitate a discussion amongst members.

There was a lively debate around the likely impacts of climate change, increasing regulation, delivery models and the vital nature of an efficient transport network as a platform for economic recovery.  The room was roughly split between those keen to emphasise the steps the sector, led by the FTA, has already taken; citing the Logistics Carbon Reduction Scheme as evidence, and those who were clearly more concerned about identifying the future challenges and opportunities that would emerge and how the FTA might lead the sector in its response. 

Some of those themes are captured in the Logistic Report 2013, which you can read here: