Why Resilience Belongs on the Board Agenda

18 July 2013

We know that resilience is — among other things — about anticipating and adapting to change. Which makes it an area of special importance in the boardroom. Or should.


It’s no secret that the challenges and expectations facing today’s boards are intensifying and evolving. And the pressures are coming not only from shareholders, but from a growing set of stakeholders, amplified by the explosion of social media and the 24/7 news cycle.


Which makes this article , by Catherine Bromilow, a partner in our Centre for Board Governance, so important. Given that unforeseen risks and emerging threats — as well as opportunities and changes in stakeholder expectations — are subjects of growing concern, what role should business resilience play in board-level decision making?


A great deal, as she argues convincingly. Whether they realise it yet or not, in a business landscape that continues to change, it is imperative that boards focus on embedding resilience into their overall strategic discussions. And they must be willing to change and adapt as well, within their own ranks and roles.


Catherine offers several cogent, board-specific recommendations — in a piece every board member should read.


As always, I welcome your comments.

Read the Article | Meet Catherine Bromilow | Meet Dennis Chesley | Visit the PwC Resilience site


good job keep it up.thanks

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