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17 May 2019

A populist tide is rising. What course should business steer?

Business leaders have seen it coming for a while. The world is moving toward nationalism, devolved nations and fragmenting into regional trading blocks. What will the impact be on the global economy?

02 April 2019

The uncertainty principle: Current China-U.S. relations test business and government

Until new governance and dispute-resolution structures evolve to adapt to the digital era, we will continue to see fights over control of data and platforms as well as over the distribution of the wealth generated by that control.

01 March 2019

Innovation at a crossroads: Restoring trust in technology

In 2018, technology competition took on a sharp political edge, creating formidable barriers to the movement of human and financial capital that drive innovation. The ripple effects will be felt in key technology sectors in ways no one can predict.

30 January 2019

Cracks in the façade: What divisive global politics means for business

The PwC blog series on threats to macroeconomic and revenue and profit growth kicks off with an introduction to the key findings of the 22nd annual PwC CEO survey, in particular regarding threats to stable business operations. It relates those threats to Eurasia Group’s latest report on the geopolitical risks facing companies that operate globally.

08 January 2019

Risk and reward: How family businesses can tackle digital disruption

In the PwC Global Family Business Survey 2018 – involving over 2,900 respondents at companies mostly with annual revenues of US$21 million to $100 million – we found a marked increase in the number of businesses that felt vulnerable to digital disruption: 30%, compared with 25% in 2016, the last time we did the same survey.

14 December 2018

Ideas and inspiration from the 2018 RiskMinds Conference

What's the RiskMinds conference really like? We sat down with George Stylianides, PwC’s Global Risk Consulting Leader and Global Risk and Regulation Platform Leader, to get his perspective on the 25th year of this pre-eminent risk and regulatory event.

15 October 2018

The COSO ERM Framework one year later: What have we learned?

People want more of enterprise risk management (ERM) and are keen to know how the Framework might help them improve their own practices. Has the Framework changed the way you manage risk?

17 September 2018

Why today’s CEOs need risk managers who can see around corners

What explains the gap between CEOs’ positive outlook for the global economy and their less optimistic prospects for their own organizations?

14 June 2018

COSO ERM Framework Implementation: Beyond Checklists and Templates

The Compendium of Examples features nine case studies illustrating how organisations across industries, of different types and sizes, might choose to apply the principles and concepts of the COSO ERM Framework.

25 May 2018

Taking the Wide-Angle View: The Changing Role of the Risk Professional

Innovation and technology are changing the role of risk. So how do risk professionals now need to adapt?

05 September 2017

The top changes to the COSO ERM Framework you need to know now

The new COSO Enterprise Risk Management Framework is changing the conversation we have about risk.

12 July 2017

Thinking strategically about policy

By David Sapin, US Risk and Regulatory Consulting Leader What is a policy and why is it important? Policies - for the purposes of this blog - are principles or plans that define the approach that a government wants to pursue to achieve a desired outcome. Policies are brought to...

06 July 2017

How to build trust in a digital age

By Olivier Sueur, PwC Advisory, Netherlands and Helene Katz, Banking and Capital Markets , US The writing on the wall has never been clearer: There is a real crisis of public trust in business, institutions, government and non-governmental organizations. In PwC’s 2017 Global CEO Survey, 69% of CEOs noted it’s...

28 April 2017

Diversity vs. familiarity. Where is your leadership team on this spectrum?

By Jim Woods, Global Risk Assurance Leader It was August 1995. I figured this would be a great time, professionally and personally, to broaden my career and pursue a new experience outside the UK. Ultimately, Hong Kong prevailed, and I was immersed in a rich diversity of culture - at...

21 April 2017

From Global Power Shift to Power Dispersion

By Dennis Chesley, Global, Asia Pacific and Americas (APA) Risk Consulting Leader and Alexis Crow, Lead, Geopolitical Investing Practice In a 2016 strategy + business article, we outlined how a new world economic order had taken hold—one defined by complex and continuously shifting economic relationships. Today, we’re seeing that play...

23 March 2017

For CEOs, cybersecurity is both rising concern and significant opportunity

By Dave Burg, US and Global Cybersecurity & Privacy Co-Leader, PwC; Grant Waterfall, US & Global Cybersecurity & Privacy Co-Leader, PwC; and Christopher Castelli, Director, PwC At last month’s RSA event in San Francisco—the global cybersecurity and privacy conference—we heard time and time again from CEOs and other C-suite executives...

26 October 2016

ERM and Internal Control: Two peas in a pod

By Dennis Chesley I have a colleague who can best be described as a planner. You know the type: he’s always making lists and timetables, setting milestones and thinking about contingencies. I should note that those are great qualities in a risk manager, so I’m really glad to have him...

23 August 2016

Risk turns corporate culture into a hard trait

Why is creating a strong culture is a prerequisite to sustainable, integrated and value-added enterprise risk management?

22 August 2016

Move beyond heat maps: A new way to evaluate risk

What is a risk curve and how can you use it to better link strategy to performance?

12 July 2016

The risk of a winning strategy

Viewing risk from the vantage point of strategy can help you perform due diligence on strategic alternatives during the strategy selection process.