Where is the global economy heading in 2019?

PwC Research is delighted to have been involved, once again, in what is probably the most comprehensive  survey ever undertaken of global business leaders.

This year's report delves into the predictive power of CEOs by tracking a decade of their successive 12-month organisational growth forecasts against actual global GDP growth in the 10 years since the global financial crisis. It also provides unparalleled insight into the thoughts of some of the world's senior leaders on the trade conflicts that are dominating our headlines and how they are responding to this uncertainty.  And, at a time of uncertainty, we also explore what is coming down the track in terms of increasing automation and AI – and how, if at all, governments should be responding.

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More information on the survey can be found here and you can find more about PwC Research and  how we conducted this senior level research across more than 90 countries, here.

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