Digital first, not digital only! Skills and attributes for a successful future marketer.

10 October 2018



With continued digital disruption, organisations adopting a digital-first focus should not forget or underestimate the power of face-to-face interactions and traditional business skills, when looking for their digital marketer of the future.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and PwC Research recently collaborated to produce a comprehensive marketing industry review.

Connecting insight from multiple sources and further industry probing revealed the marketing professional of the future will need diverse and flexible skills and attributes to be able to deal with the range of challenges in a digital tech-enabled world.

The recipe for marketing success will have a strong digital and flexible base, layered with traditional business planning and communication skills, and topped with an adaptable global mind-set” said Julie McClean, PwC Research’s Principal Insight Consultant.

Our recent article “UK marketing industry - facing the Brexit challenge”, PwC Research stated marketing plays a key role in helping businesses unlock export opportunities, however accessing strong strategic export skills is still a barrier to UK businesses.  

Marketers with strong traditional business planning and communications skills are likely to be in high demand.







Julie McClean | PwC Research Senior Manager
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Michael O'Gorman

Michael O'Gorman | Lead Insight Consultant
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