As optimism of a Brexit deal grows, only a third of UK businesses are preparing for no deal scenarios…

10 September 2018

Deal or no deal? With the end of the Article 50 negotiating period looming, there is increasing discussion amongst UK businesses on new trading and border arrangements within the European Union.

In collaboration with PwC’s Trade and Investment Hive, PwC Research conducted a survey of 350 businesses to assess Brexit readiness, gather views on how they are preparing for change, and identify potential support from government. Prep-for-no-deal

Our survey results show a shared optimism amongst the business community that some form of agreement will be reached, with the vast majority planning for at least one scenario that includes the transition period agreed in March going ahead.

By comparison, only 31% of businesses are preparing for the ‘no deal’ scenario where changes take effect from 29 March 2019. Interestingly, one in ten businesses surveyed are not planning for Brexit at all.

For further insights: Beyond Brexit – Time to Act: Deal or no deal?  

PwC’s Trade & Investment Hive helps clients prepare for post Brexit challenges and provides supports as they grapple with the uncertainty. PwC’s Government and Public Sector Industry (G&PS) established the Trade & Investment Hive, a market convener with more than 30 experts at hand, bringing together trade expertise from all areas of PwC - both in the UK and globally.

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