Candid, Creative, Confident Consumers - Has your business realised the power of Meet the Audience events?

22 May 2018

If you want senior stakeholders and business leaders to meet customers and consumers to develop meaningful, face-to-face duologue, Meet the Audience events could be the answer. Particularly valuable if the C-suite wants to personally test hypotheses, understand perceptions, and sense check innovations. 

Pre-qualified and carefully selected audience members are engaged and empowered by the opportunity to provide valuable insight to senior stakeholders in a relaxed environment, giving the business candid feedback that can drive change or improve performance in your business.

PwC Research is increasingly being asked by clients and non-clients alike, to plan and manage Meet the Audience events, whether in the UK or in global markets

Here are FIVE tips to maximise value in Meet the Audience events... 

  1. Quality of audience: Robust qualification of audience by targeting confident creative thinkers.  
  2. Build Rapport include priming activities, updates and video diaries to engage and capture insight in advance of the event. 
  3. Stakeholder Engagement leading up to the event sharing pre-task feedback and video diaries with so they are up to speed with the audience.
  4. Drive focus with a relaxed, welcoming, informal environment. Include stimulus from the pre-event activities, collating themes and topics to be discussed.
  5. Maximise energy with a dynamic structure. Break the event into sessions and keep the audience active to maintain high energy and engagement.

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Author – Mia Carter 5tips