Adding value, accuracy and depth to Thought Leadership

17 April 2018

Author – David Patterson

For 25 years PwC Research has been a market leader in driving value and connected insight from global consumer studies. Our successful approach to Thought Leadership helps clients drive engagement with their target audience by generating deep insight into current hot topics relevant to their region, market and industry.

PwC went from having no voice in the retail market a few short years ago to generating millions of media impressions and controlling 82% of holiday shopping conversations last year.  As a result of our accurate and advanced analytics on the 2017 US Holiday Outlook Survey, our predictions of consumer spending during the Thanksgiving and Christmas period were the most accurate study in 2017, when the actual results for retailer activity over the holiday period were announced at the National Retail Federation (NRF) annual conference.

CDN Holiday

Claire-Louise Moore, PwC Research’s Lead Insight Consultant says: “Previously Canada had no results of their own, relying instead on forecasting based on American figures. We were able to uncover interesting differences in the two markets which added a massive amount of value for the Canadian market.”

PwC Research’s breakthrough 2017 Canadian Holiday Outlook Survey, helped drive PwC Canada’s staggering 250 million media impressions (and counting) as the largest-ever reach of any publication in the Canadian firm's history, more than doubling the record.

“This degree of accuracy is achieved through our comprehensive and robust data analysis and our 25 years of experience undertaking some of the most thought-provoking research in the world,” says Colin McIlheney, PwC Research’s veteran Thought Leader.

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