The anxious optimist in the corner office

The results of PwC’s 21st Annual CEO Survey were launched last night (Monday 22 January) on the eve of the annual World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland. Some of the world's political and business leaders, plus around 80 journalists and other guests attended in person to hear PwC’s global chairman, Bob Moritz, discuss the research, with several thousand viewers tuning in to the live webcast.

Ceo-survey-9 CEOs awake at night

This year marks the 16th year that PwC Research has conducted the survey, achieving over 1,293 interviews with CEOs in over 85 countries. We track CEOs’ views on the global economic outlook and the challenges they face in building a business for the future. The theme of this year's survey, Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World, mirrors the Davos agenda and measures the confidence that senior leaders have in both the global economy and their own businesses, against a backdrop of increased concern around geopolitical uncertainty, terrorism and cyber threats. Reflecting on the results, Bob concludes that the world is indeed fragmenting and that, to counteract this trend, businesses need to find new measures of prosperity, focus on the beneficial uses of technology, educate for the future, and commit to a clear purpose.



Author: Gillian Kane, PwC Research Senior Manager ([email protected])

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