Charging ahead - the need to upscale UK electric vehicle charging infrastructure

31 January 2018

This week sees the launch of PwC's ‘Charging ahead! The need to upscale UK electric vehicle charging infrastructure’, the latest report examining the role government and industry have to play in providing the infrastructure needed for electric vehicles (EVs) to be widely adopted.

PwC Research surveyed over 1,000 drivers across the UK, to find out people’s views on electric vehicles and what is potentially stopping them making the switch from petrol or diesel powered cars.

Based on the findings of our research, a number of significant challenges are emerging that could hinder the growth of EVs in the UK. This report highlights four pinch-points which, if unaddressed, will constrain EV adoption rates:

  • The need for residential power grid reinforcement and / or the deployment of smart technologies to support home charging
  • The need to support EV adoption rates in cities by upscaling the public charging infrastructure
  • The need to improve BEV (battery electric vehicles) sales through lower vehicle prices and increased availability of public charging
  • The need to educate the public on home charging and the economic benefits of EVs to boost BEV sales

31089 - EV Charging_Twitter_v3-06

If the UK is to be a world leader in new automotive technologies and wishes to pioneer the transition to a low carbon economy, delivering this will be critical.

To see the results and download the report, click here.

31089 - EV Charging_Twitter_v3-07The research was undertaken by PwC Research, our global centre of excellence for primary research and evidence-based consulting services. We are a team of more than 100 insight professionals who work with clients to help solve their business challenges, with the unique ability to connect with subject matter experts across a global network. We provide both strategic and tactical research solutions that help clients not only visualise data better, but also bring it to life in their business. 

To find out more about the research please contact:

Cliona O’Beirne ([email protected])


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