Reducing cyber risk through behavioural assessment

14 September 2017

As recent news headlines have shown, there has been a significant wave of ransomware attacks around the world.  In response to this and other emerging threats, we’re likely to see organisations continue to adapt their security infrastructure and heavily invest in technical controls to defend themselves against such attacks. 

This is an important step, but is often not matched with a proportionate investment in people and culture.  From losing laptops and documents to clicking on suspicious links and sharing too much information, people are often the most likely source of incidents.

According to the 2016 Information Security Breaches Survey, 69% of the UK organisations surveyed said cyber-security was a high priority for senior management but only 51% had undertaken action to identify risk and a mere 17% had provided cyber security training for staff in the previous 12 months. But, even where training takes place, it tends to be amongst the largest firms and there is little measurement of the effectiveness of these awareness initiatives, which often don’t go far enough.

PwC Research has developed a behavioural assessment tool called ‘Cyber First’, which measures the extent to which employees display the behaviours desired when making a decision that could expose the organisation to cyber risk, and helps to identify the key influencers of behaviour.

To find out more, please watch the video below and contact PwC Research’s Karen Hutchinson.


Karen Hutchinson
Email | +44 (0)28 9041 5217


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