Great complaint management is not only the right thing to do for customers, it can also improve your bottom line and avoid reputational damages

06 September 2017

No firm sets out to disappoint their customers, but sometimes service does not meet expectations. When things go wrong it is in the firm’s best interest to encourage customers to share their experiences with them. The complaints handling process is an opportunity for organisations to either increase customer loyalty and recommendations or, if handled badly, risk seeing valued customers switch to other providers. Our research has found that customers who are satisfied with how their complaint was handled are more likely to recommend, more likely to repurchase and less likely to switch than those who felt their complaint was handled badly.


Regulators are increasingly focused on customer complaints and the programmes that organisations have to address them. In order to demonstrate compliance to the regulator, organisations should embrace a strong complaint management programme and, as part of a customer-centric culture, the programme should aim to exceed regulatory expectations. A strong complaint management programme can create a better customer experience, build brand reputation, and improve the bottom line, as well as being the right thing to do for customers.

PwC’s Complaints First research methodology goes beyond traditional touch point measurements and compliance monitoring. It provides organisations with clearer insight into their customer interactions, with a focus on assessing if their staff genuinely have the customer’s best interests at heart during the complaints process.

We can help you better understand customers’ experiences with the complaints process by measuring how staff behaviour ultimately influences the customer experience and its impact on customer loyalty, advocacy and repurchase.

Claire Moffett
Email | +44 (0)28 9041 5217


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