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15 August 2019

New FCA proposals on fair treatment of vulnerable customers emphasise the importance of research

Richard Fincham discusses the importance of market research in helping firms better understand consumer vulnerability following new draft proposals on the matter issued by the FCA.

26 July 2019

Good times ahead for the project profession despite challenges

“Despite global and political uncertainty the UK’s project management profession faces a positive future.” That was the message Julie McClean, Head of Quantitative Research at PwC Research, shared at an Association for Project Management (APM) Conference on Wednesday 26th June.

08 May 2019

Living and breathing enhanced engagement 

In the third in our series on boosting engagement in the energy sector, PwC Research director Alison Blair says companies need to understand and more fully engage with their customers' priorities.

16 April 2019

Project management - a golden thread in the UK economy

Wednesday 10 April marked the launch of PwC Research’s latest published report, ‘The Golden Thread’, which was commissioned by the Association for Project Management (APM).

15 April 2019

Enhanced engagement in the energy sector. Part two – consumer vulnerability

By Richard Fincham Enhanced engagement in the energy sector. Part two – consumer vulnerability In the second in our series of blogs on the role of research in enhancing engagement in the energy sector, PwC Research’s Richard Fincham looks specifically at the issue of consumer vulnerability. Protecting and empowering vulnerable...

25 March 2019

The Purple Pound - how to access its £249m spending power

PwC Research director Michelle Norman looks at how retailers can respond to win and retain the loyalty of the 11 million UK citizens who have a disability

08 March 2019

Enhanced engagement in the energy sector part 1 - considering the future landscape

On Thursday 21st February, PwC Research hosted a breakfast briefing highlighting the importance of customer engagement and enhanced engagement strategies in the energy sector. Jen Gough opened the session by exploring how technological innovations and demographic changes in the UK could affect customer engagement within the sector and, in the...

06 February 2019

Energy breakfast briefing - doing the right thing for stakeholders, consumers and business

On Thursday 21st February, PwC Research will host an energy-sector breakfast briefing on the theme of ‘enhanced engagement - doing the right thing for stakeholders, consumers and business’.

22 January 2019

Where is the global economy heading in 2019?

PwC Research is delighted to have been involved once again in probably the most successful survey of global business leaders ever.

05 December 2018

Shaping the digital future in Asia Pacific

By Cliona O'Beirne & Rachel Surgenor Prospects for growth 2018-19 The results of PwC’s annual APEC CEO Survey – conducted each year by PwC Research – have been released by Bob Moritz, PwC Global Chairman, at the APEC CEO Summit in Papua New Guinea. The survey, now in its ninth...

27 November 2018

Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2019

Over 200 real estate leaders attended PwC’s Embankment Place office on Monday 5 November for the launch of Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe 2019.

10 October 2018

Digital first, not digital only! Skills and attributes for a successful future marketer.

By Julie McClean and Michael O'Gorman With continued digital disruption, organisations adopting a digital-first focus should not forget or underestimate the power of face-to-face interactions and traditional business skills, when looking for their digital marketer of the future. The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and PwC Research recently collaborated to...

10 September 2018

As optimism of a Brexit deal grows, only a third of UK businesses are preparing for no deal scenarios…

By Gillian Kane and Tom Procter Deal or no deal? With the end of the Article 50 negotiating period looming, there is increasing discussion amongst UK businesses on new trading and border arrangements within the European Union. In collaboration with PwC’s Trade and Investment Hive, PwC Research conducted a survey...

05 July 2018

Trust and appetite for UK connected homes nearly doubles in two years

By Cliona O’Beirne, PwC Research Manager As the digital revolution advances, the connected home industry has experienced a twofold increase in consumers planning to invest in smart home devices, while levels of trust in energy suppliers/installers have almost doubled since 2016. Despite this positivity in the market, why do the...

21 June 2018

Understanding the Experiences of Consumers Using High-Cost Credit

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) recently published the outcome of their review into the high-cost short term credit sector. Feeding into the final report, PwC Research undertook a programme of consumer research that focused on home collected credit, rent-to-own, and catalogue credit (including store cards). The FCA had identified these...

29 May 2018

Is consumer insight more important now, than ever?

With market research influencing two-thirds of consumers’ purchase decisions, does your business augment your marketing and business activities with current and robust consumer insight? With weekly connections to consumer insight, the PwC Research QuantiBus provides rapid results delivery and robust data using a competitive and agile approach. “Insight from our...

22 May 2018

Candid, Creative, Confident Consumers - Has your business realised the power of Meet the Audience events?

If you want senior stakeholders and business leaders to meet customers and consumers to develop meaningful, face-to-face duologue, Meet the Audience events could be the answer. Particularly valuable if the C-suite wants to personally test hypotheses, understand perceptions, and sense check innovations. Pre-qualified and carefully selected audience members are engaged...

08 May 2018

UK marketing industry - facing the Brexit challenge

Even the most junior marketing professional, recognises the impact of technology on how organisations conduct business and engage with their customers. And, while technology has impacted on marketing roles and remits, there is still an absence of real data on the size of the marketing profession, and its contribution to...

01 May 2018

PwC Research briefing: Supporting customers in vulnerable situations

Author - Richard Fincham Last month, PwC Research held its first breakfast briefing, bringing together over 50 clients to discuss and debate consumer vulnerability. It was a great opportunity to demonstrate PwC Research's connected insight in action, as we shared findings from qualitative depth interviews, stakeholder interviews and our recently...

17 April 2018

Adding value, accuracy and depth to Thought Leadership

Author – David Patterson For 25 years PwC Research has been a market leader in driving value and connected insight from global consumer studies. Our successful approach to Thought Leadership helps clients drive engagement with their target audience by generating deep insight into current hot topics relevant to their region,...