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27 November 2014

Hi Everyone,

This month I’ve been very busy with a July year-end for a FTSE 100 client. The year-end is normally the time when we complete our financial audit for the client, after their financial books have closed for the financial year. Having worked on this client 6 months ago, this time round I was given a lot more responsibility and even led the Data Assurance audit for over 20 countries! I’m looking forward to grow from this experience for my future clients.

I have also had the opportunity this month to go to a recruitment event in the Embankment Place (London) office for Women in Technology. The event was aimed mainly at University students who are interested in joining PwC. I got asked a lot of questions about PwC and it was really interesting to find out more about the wide range of students, from varying academic and departmental backgrounds, who are interested in the event. Along with the free burgers and networking, it was a really fun event!

Also in other news, I should be getting the keys for my new home in 2 weeks time. I’m getting very excited to go paint shopping and make my new house a home!

Speak soon,



Sophie Bashfod |  Associate, Data Assurance
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