Romana on… A sudden trip down under!

02 July 2014

So you’ll never guess where I’ve ended up. I had been back in the UK barely a week or so when I got a call out of the blue from my old Operations partner asking if I’d be interested in helping with a proposal. This would be slightly different to normal as the people I’d be helping were based in Melbourne - and I’d needed to go the following day!

Well, obviously, I jumped at the chance having never been to Australia and quickly packed a bag for 2 weeks and prepared myself for the long haul flight, along with 3 other UK colleagues. We were supporting our Australian counterparts with what we call a “big bid” – in others words a hefty proposal for some client work.

Week 1 involved lots of late nights drawing up a big proposal, making lots of phone calls to get the right CVs and citations and debating the best approach. A UK colleague and I also visited the client a couple of times to try and understand their requirements more and spoke to lots of employees.

Week 2 then involved running a 3-day training course for our PwC Australian colleagues to train them in the methodology we use in the UK (and the type of work I was doing in the States and then the Netherlands). I really enjoy training and our Aussie colleagues are a lot of fun. The Partner took us out for a meal to say thank you for everyone’s hard work our penultimate night and I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in a long time.

Having spent the first 4 years of my career barely travelling abroad (but rather on lots of trains around the UK), this past year has seen me working in America, the Netherlands and now a quick stint in Australia – so I feel very lucky, not everybody manages to get those kind of opportunities. But it’s also probably an indication that we’re doing far more global work than we ever have before, so maybe this is could be a sign of things to come.

We have to wait a few days to see if we’re successful and if we are, I'll have to make some big decisions around whether I'd want to go abroad to help deliver it and how I can work my own personal commitments back in the UK around such an opportunity. I’m very excited at the prospect though, so fingers crossed we’re successful!

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