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16 June 2014

Hi everyone,

This month I wrote my blog on the train from London to Manchester. That’s one of the many highlights of working for PwC, the opportunity to travel! I’m traveling all the way to Manchester for a course specifically aimed at new associates, aiming to improve our soft skills around how to write feedback and how to work more efficiently.

The recent bank holiday weekend has been my first chance to reflect back on how quickly the last 8 months have gone since I joined PwC. My level of knowledge about Data Analytics, as well as the level of responsibility on my client work, has already dramatically increased. With my primary role within Data Assurance,  being to provide audit support to a wide range of FTSE 100 clients, it has given me great exposure to experience new and exciting companies and industries.

Unlike most other teams, Data Assurance has many busy periods of time due to the team working on such a wide variety of clients. Most of the audit support work comes into play at the client’s year ends, with the most common being December, January and April. I’m currently in the middle of my third “busy season”. With my experiences from my previous busy seasons under my belt, I’m definitely feeling a lot more confident! I'll let know whether I survived it in my next post.

Speak soon,


Sophie Bashfod |  Associate, Data Assurance
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