Romana on…. Heading back to the UK

16 June 2014

I’ve now left the Netherlands. It will be very strange to no longer be getting my weekly flights back and forth. Whenever I finish a project I always wonder how long I'll be putting my suitcase away for. This time I have nothing specific lined up for when I get back. When that happens, you never know how long you'll be back at base before the next client engagement.

I’m hoping that my next role will be in People & Change, rather than Operations - so I can start to feel more at home in my new Competency. I still feel like the new kid on the block, but I’m slowly getting to know people and more faces are becoming familiar when I sit in my area. The roles we do are not always obviously attached to particular competencies or skill sets as a lot of Consulting is about more general skills, but I’m going to speak to our resource manager when we get back and see if there's anything in the pipeline that will fit with my own career aspirations – watch this space!

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