Romana on…. Time for a bit of a change in direction

22 May 2014

So my big news this month is that I’ve switched competencies. Consulting has a number of competencies: Project & Portfolio Management (PPM), Operations, Technology, Finance, Risk, People & Change (P&C), Strategy, Delivery Deal Value, Sustainability & Climate Change. 

Technically the Foundation for the Future (FftF) graduate scheme is also a distinct competency. The Sectors we go to market in cut across all these as do many of our project teams. In the 4.5 years I’ve been at PwC, I started off in FftF for 2 years aligned to Technology. On “graduating” I decided to join Operations as most of the work I'd done so far was with people from Operations.

After 2 years in Operations though I decided I wanted to align myself to the type of work I'm more interested in – namely people, rather than focussing more on processes. So at the start of March I officially joined P&C.

In terms of what has changed – everything and nothing really. I’ve continued on the same client and the project out in the Netherlands and as of yet my role hasn’t changed as I was obviously sold as an Operations resource and can still do this. However back at base (the London office) I'm now officially part of a completely different Consulting team. We sit on a different floor; the group has a slightly different culture and I feel like the new kid on the block again! But as I start to develop more experience and expertise in this people area I’m excited about the prospect of doing more of what I enjoy!

In other news, I'm daring to go on our first post-work cycle so the team can have dinner somewhere on the beach. Sounds glamorous but of course it isn’t quite sitting outside weather yet… they don’t wear helmets much in the Netherlands and drive on the right side of the road so we’ll see whether it’s accident free – I hope so!

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