The new local government landscape: what’s on the horizon?

July 03, 2018


With another Spending Review next year, as well as the UK’s formal exit from the EU, the landscape for local government will continue to evolve. Local government has an essential role to play in the renewal of public services locally, looking beyond organisational boundaries to deliver on the promise of place based transformation and growth. Our Local State We’re In report identified six essential elements of this:

Defining, developing and delivering sustainable, inclusive place based growth strategies and securing a clearer economic identity to attract, and retain, talent and investment.

Working across places and securing the right public service reforms to underpin place based transformation and the delivery of key outcomes by redesigning services and building new partnerships.

Focusing on building the skills, capabilities and processes to secure organisational resilience, being prepared to manage key risks but also being agile to respond to, and recover from, unforeseen events and challenges.

Developing commercial skills and business acumen, being prepared to work outside council organisational boundaries and seamlessly across the public and private sectors in order to achieve better returns on investments and better value from public/private sector arrangements.

Embracing the value of data as an asset and investing in data analytics capabilities to inform decision-making and generate insight, drive smarter, earlier interventions and influence behaviours, manage demand and reduce cost.

Harnessing digital disruption and new technologies such as AI to change traditional ways of working, creating new value and better serve the needs of communities.

In a series of blogs, my local government team will explore each of these elements with a focus on what can practically be done by local government leadership, in collaboration with others, in the short term to secure the success of their localities in the years ahead.

The Local State We’re In 2018 was published in June. It is the eighth annual survey of local authority Chief Executives and Leaders across the UK. We also commissioned online polling of a representative sample of over 2,000 members of the UK public to find out their views on their council’s performance, role and purpose.

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