Exploring the changing global environment for UK universities

On 9 November, we joined forces with the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) to host a roundtable event in our Leeds office on the changing global environment for universities, attended by senior leaders from across the region. The dinner was the first in a series of three roundtables which will be taking place around the country over the next few months. 

We are collaborating on a research programme to help all of us working with, and in, the university sector think about the future, focusing on three areas - internationalisation, the use of new technology; and the role of governance and leadership in strategic planning.

A final summary report will be launched at the HEPI Annual conference in June 2018. Our quarterly online newsletter HE Matters will  also share insights from the research as they emerge via our subject matter experts (subscribe here).

For the first roundtable, building on our Autumn 'Internationalisation' edition of HE Matters, we wanted to further explore in detail the issues impacting UK Higher Education Institutions.

Internationalisation is not just a matter of opening branch campuses overseas, it permeates all areas of the day-to-day life of universities. Many institutions rely on revenues coming from international ventures and overseas students and employing the best staff from all over the world is crucial to the sector’s ongoing success.

You can read a summary of the key points raised on the HEPI blog here.


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