The journey to sustainable and inclusive transport solutions in the future

The transport sector in the UK has rarely been the focus of so much attention. Unprecedented levels of infrastructure investment are expected, with over £450bn of major projects in the pipeline that include programmes to improve the country’s transport links, as the Government seeks to rebalance the economy and make it fit for the rest of this century and beyond.

There is increasing recognition of the need for solutions that span different modes of transport and different sectors, that help to address the government objectives ranging from the Industrial Strategy through to Brexit. There is also a need to understand the crucial role that the world of digital will have on where we live and how we will want and be able to travel.

We have just published a new report that sets out some of the issues in developed regions seeking to grow their economies while reducing carbon emissions, and in developing regions where vast numbers of people are, for the first time, accessing global markets. The issues vary depending on the specific country and context, but a surprising number of them are common to many.

It is difficult to think of a time when it has been more important for there to be clear thinking about what infrastructure and transport systems are needed, how they are developed and built successfully, and how the benefits of this infrastructure and associated transport systems are maximised for the economy and society more generally.

But it is also difficult to think of a time when this has been more difficult and when the need for fresh thinking has been greater. How do we capture all of the various impacts of projects in a way that makes sense, is accessible to key decision makers and helps correct decisions to be made? How do we take advantage of developments in the world of digital - in the design and nature of transport solutions as well as in the appraisal of them? In short, how do we build sustainable and inclusive transport solutions?

Transport is about journeys and solving all these issues won’t be easy. Yet it is an exciting challenge for planners and policy makers to work together to build solutions which will make a major contribution to improving people’s lives and solve important problems in society.

You can read "Building sustainable, inclusive transportation systems: A framework for the future" here:


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