Do you know what your (profitable) business really is?

05 December 2017

Who would have thought that selling air travel to consumers could spawn a new line in selling air miles to business?

It made me wonder how many businesses are really looking at where their profits come from and thinking about how their business model could be tweaked to generate even more interesting returns. 

For example a well known online retailer have reported a profitable web server business. While another large technology company is reportedly one of the larger manufacturers of servers in the world but doesn't sell any of them, but uses them themselves (could they? should they? have they thought about it?). 

Those are just a couple of simple examples that make me wonder whether there is enough creative thinking in business to work out what the business really is and what they are selling and how they will make more successful business decisions. One shining example of this examination of a business I would say comes from one of the world's leading sports footwear businesses, who decided that their business was not the manufacture of footwear but the creative design of footwear and the use of the brand and so they sold off their manufacturing sites and outsourced rather than just stuck to their age old business model.

So my questions and challenges to business would be - have you thought about what your business could be? have you thought about how you can use what you have in different ways, in different markets? 

The next big business idea might already be embedded in your business.


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