Christmas gift ideas to ensure success for 2018 not just succession

01 December 2017

Christmas is a time of year to think about loved ones. For those working in a family businesses, what better than to think of gift ideas to give the next generation, which will help support their journey into the business.

  • A round the world ticket - so they can develop a global perspective and build up their understanding of other markets
  • A notebook - for their new ideas (encouraging wealth creation can mitigate some of the issues of wealth preservation)
  • A quality watch - representing quality time you are willing to invest in their personal development by mentoring them and sharing your experience
  • A relevant 'good gift'- to show you respect the social/humanitarian causes important to them and that you are keen to encourage a transition of values as much as power
  • A selection box of chocolates - to represent variety and your support for them gaining experience outside the family business
  • An explorer hat - representing adventure and your desire that the next gen should explore new possibilities for the business
  • A Russian doll - representing the importance of relationships
  • A golden ticket inside a copy of the Roald Dahl book 'Charlie and the Chocolate factory' - representing your keenness that they develop a positive attitude to risk-taking.
  • And finally, to give their children something that money can’t buy – direction, guidance and support.

In the next five years it is likely we will see the biggest inter-generational transfer of wealth the modern economy has ever seen. Much of this wealth will take the form of shares in family businesses, which is why a more robust approach to succession planning is such a key priority for the whole family business sector – and indeed for the economies they help sustain. A change of this magnitude poses huge risks, but it’s also opening up immense opportunities, with a new generation in waiting that’s more ambitious, more open-minded, and arguably better prepared than any of those that have preceded it. 

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Sian Steele

Sian Steele | Family Business Leader
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