Autumn Budget tax measures - could you decide?

21 November 2017

We're approaching Phil Hammond's first Autumn Budget. The Budget run-up is where people like me ponder what might be in store, and set out our predictions.  But what would you do?  

We've just seen the 2017 edition of  "Measuring the tax gaps", an HMRC study into whether they collect as much tax as they think they should.  The report clearly shows that personal taxes are an enormous contributor to the UK's tax revenues and so whether the right amounts are collected is extremely important.    The UK tax regime is well-known for its (over?) complexity. 

Reading the tax gap analysis made me think again that the rules are just too complicated for people to get their tax right, time after time.  

Is now the time for a different direction for tax policy?  In our recent Talking Tax podcast, PwC Head of Tax Kevin Nicholson puts forward the idea of a Personal Taxes Roadmap - a framework to design and build a better system over a period of time.  Key to this is finding out what people - that means all of us as individuals - really think about tax and therefore the kind of system we would be prepared to see.  

So what would you do?





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