Why we’re helping FinTechs scale-up

21 September 2017

PwC, CO:CUBED and Pine Brook launch SCALE: FinTech

We’re excited to announce the launch of  SCALE: FinTech in collaboration with Co:Cubed and private investment firm Pine Brook.

This is part of a series of SCALE Programmes across the UK which open up PwC’s global network to high potential scale-ups. SCALE: FinTech aims to provide the missing link between fast-growth scale-ups and financial institutions to deliver meaningful relationships driving mutually beneficial commercial opportunities.

We chose to focus one of our scale-up programmes on FinTech because the industry presents a huge opportunity to enable positive changes across a whole variety of sectors, benefitting both society and business. From helping financial services businesses to differentiate and improve customer experience, to accelerating financial inclusion, FinTech scale-ups are creating innovative solutions to long-standing industry problems.

Our 10-week programme will select 12 of the best international FinTechs and help them gain traction by sourcing commercial opportunities and additional funding. They’ll be introduced to potential customers, industry decision makers, investors and leading experts who can procure, partner, go-to-market, advise or invest in their business.

We’ll be providing a full business development curriculum, to offer advice across areas like GDPR, the corporate procurement process and areas of financial services specialism as well as access to CO:Cubed and Pine Brook’s extended community of experts, both in the UK and in the US.

To give you an idea of our credentials, previous participants in our scale-up programmes raised £60 million in equity on joining and have since gone on to raise a further £20 million, demonstrating rapid progression and quality.

Here are some comments from those involved in our SCALE: FinTech programme to explain more:

Jeremy Basset, CEO of CO:CUBED, said:

"With over 14,000 FinTechs around the world, it's startups who are inventing the future of the Financial Services industry. We're passionate about helping startups to scale up through connecting them to global banks, industry experts and leading venture funds.”

“We're excited to be partnering with PwC and Pine Brook on SCALE: FinTech, providing opportunities for many of our corporate partners to gain exposure to leading startups from across the UK and Europe.

Nick Krenteras, Managing Director on the financial services team of Pine Brook, said:

“Through a decade of investing in both established and startup financial services businesses, we at Pine Brook have a deep understanding of the industry’s technology needs as well as the business model and operational acumen that are critical for commercial success.”

“FinTech is intensely competitive, and it is very rewarding for us to leverage our experience to help the next great technology come to market.”

Nigel Howlett, UK digital private business leader at PwC, commented:

“We’re bringing together fast-growing and ambitious scale-ups with the world’s biggest brands in a dynamic environment which allows both sides to learn from each other to build commercial opportunities”.

“With our huge network and specialist skills, PwC is ideally placed to do this and we’re helping break down the barriers that can prevent collaboration even getting off the ground, whether that’s the inexperience of startups or the complexity of big financial institutions.”

Applications to PwC SCALE programmes are open here. For more information please contact me on 07517 408366 or via email, [email protected]



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