Structuring your business planning

15 February 2016

Solid business planning is key to the development of your company or organisation but sometimes it can feel like there’s too much to consider. That’s when it becomes useful to narrow everything down into a few core questions that can act as a springboard for wider planning. We’ve put together a short video raising some of the questions you’ll want to answer.

Summary of those key questions for business planning

  • Are the KPIs you’ve set based on your strategic objectives? If not, they shouldn’t be among your KPIs.
  • Do you have buy-in across the business for your plans? Plans set from the top can’t work effectively without cooperation across the business. Ideally your strategy should allow the top and bottom of your organisation to meet in the middle.
  • Is your performance reporting up to scratch? Is it timely and does it contain the right blend of financial and non-financial information to allow you to plan based on it?
  • Are you making the most of your data? Companies have access to more data than ever before but it’s how you use it which is crucial. Do you have an analytics system in place which allows you to look forwards as well as back?
  • What is the one key piece of information that you need to run your business successfully? Do you have access to that information? Is it accurate?

How can My Financepartner support your business planning? At My Financepartner, we’re available to provide more than just assistance with your accounting needs. You can arrange as many face to face meetings with your dedicated Financepartner as you choose and they can be on hand to advise on business strategy, leadership and planning. We offer a relationship that has the ability to grow with your company.

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