Market insights on how to deal with the latest IAS19

Some people will see the new pensions accounting disclosure requirements as a pain. Others will see the new IAS19 standard as an opportunity - to demonstrate better the measures their company are taking to manage pensions risk, in a way which improves external perceptions and understanding. That opportunity has always been there but, now that these requirements are formal, we expect to see an upgrade in the usefulness of corporate pensions reporting.

The new standard applies for financial periods beginning from 1 January 2013. Those involved in preparing the necessary information will want to take action to identify the information required, apply judgement in deciding what to include, and agree with all internal stakeholders how much detail to provide.  It's likely that the reporting preparation process will take longer this time round than previously, so now is a good time to start planning if you haven't already.

In our latest Pensions Focus, we share ideas for how to deal with the new requirements. We have also included commentary from market analysts about what they would expect to see.

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