UAE consular posts in Delhi and Kerala start issuing Employment Entry Permits (EEPs)

The UAE consular posts in Delhi and Kerala (India) have now formally implemented a process of issuing Employment Entry Permits (EEPs) for Indian nationals seeking employment in the UAE. As of now, this facility is only available for certain blue-collar professions and for domestic help, but reports suggest that this may extend to a wider audience in upcoming phases of implementation. 

Historically, the work authorisation process for such applicants has been managed in its entirety from within the UAE. This included the procurement of the EEP, which permits the applicant to enter the UAE on “employment” status and engage in certain in-country formalities until a final Employment Residence Permit (ERP) is issued. Under the new process, the initial application for an EEP would continue to be filed in the UAE; however, a reference number would then be shared with the employer, and subsequently, the applicant. The applicant would then visit the relevant UAE consular post with the reference number (along with additional supporting documentation) and be issued the EEP.

A similar process has already been implemented in Indonesia and Sri Lanka, and reports suggest that neighbouring UAE consular posts (including the consulate in Mumbai) may follow suit. 

What this means for you as an employer?
This new development aims to provide increased flexibility to both employers and employees by introducing a consular component to work authorisation applications. The change also aims to improve transparency and security since that the applicant is required to be physically present in his/her country of legal residence in order to obtain entry privileges. Although this does not apply to most corporate entities at this stage, we anticipate this facility to extend to all job titles in the future.

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