New minimum wage requirements for skilled workers

12 July 2016

The state salary levels are adjusted every year on 1 May which has an affect on the minimum wage requirements when applying for a residence permit as a skilled worker.  

New salary levels have just been introduced by the immigration authorities and are effective for applications submitted after July 5. The new minimum wage requirement for holders of a Bachelor degree is 382,900 NOK gross (approx 40,722 EUR) and for an applicant with a Master degree is 412,6000 NOK gross (approx. 43,970 EUR). 

Please note, where an industry specific collective agreement is applicable, the collective agreement will overrule the amounts mentioned above when it comes to the minimum wage requirement.  

When applying for a renewal of a residence permit in Norway, the immigration authorities require documentation of the salary paid to the individual for the three months leading up to the renewal.  

The salary paid from May 2016 must therefore indicate that the applicant has received salary according to the new minimum wage requirements. All other documentation concerning the employee's salary must also be according to the new adjusted salary levels. 

What this means for you as an employer? 

Employers must ensure that all foreign workers are above the new minimum wage requirement in Norway, in particular those who may be coming up to renewal given evidence around salary will be required.  

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your usual PwC Legal contact for further details.




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