Developments in immigration practice

Recently there have been a few changes in the immigration practice. First of all, the Department of Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation (DJEI) hope to have the online application system in place later this year with testing due to commence shortly. The unprecedented level of applications filed in the DJEI over the past month has seriously impacted on processing times. This is a reflection of the economic recovery with unemployment dipping below 8% from a peak of 15% in 2012. Moreover, an immigration stamp for third level graduates has been introduced which provides greater clarity around work concessions to graduates and employers alike. Previously there was no distinction between students and graduates, which caused confusion as students are only allowed to work full time during certain holiday periods. Last but not least, the amendments to the eligible and ineligible occupations lists have been made as follows: 

  • Added to the Highly Skilled Eligible Occupations list: 
  • Material Scientists 
  • Industrial Pharmacists 
  • Perfusionists 
  • Gastro Intestinal technologists 
  • Certain International Marketing Experts 
  • Removed from the Ineligible Occupations list: 
  • Paramedics 
  • Tourist Guides with non-EEA Language 
  • Aircraft Maintenance 
  • MIG/TIGWelders 
  • Computer Numerical Control Operatives 

What this means for you as an employer? 

As the online application system will be ready later this year, employers should be aware that there may be some delays in the process. Moreover, there is now clarity in regards to the concessions to graduates and employers as the third level graduates require immigration stamp. Employers should also be mindful of amendments made to eligible and ineligible occupations lists. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your usual PwC Legal contact for further details.

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